Engler Industries Products

Engler Industries supplies a variety of protective packaging solutions to customers in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Our manufacturing suppliers’ facility is uniquely positioned in Port Elizabeth, ensuring that we can supply the region with superior quality products in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Engler Industries supplies the following products:

Bubble Wrap

Engler Industries supplies bubble wrap directly to trade and public customers. Our bubble wrap is manufactured using the highest quality SABS approved materials that are sourced and manufactured from within South Africa.

We have a huge range of standard bubble wrap which is available for immediate dispatch and an even greater range of sizes that can be made to order from a range of materials. We pride ourselves on supplying quality products, sold at competitive prices to end users where our experience can be of direct benefit to our customers.

Service is a high priority and we are in the position to respond to customers' enquiries and orders very quickly. There are no "middle men" to add cost and delays. Any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently with the emphasis being on helping the customer.

Protective Tape

Engler Industries’ protective tape is brightly coloured with a low tack adhesive that enables the product to be removed from most surfaces without leaving an adhesive residue.

The tape is commonly applied to aluminium window frames during or shortly after manufacture. The tape then protects the metal surface from damage, scratches and plaster spillage during storage, transportation and installation on the construction site. Once installed, the tape is peeled off leaving the surface defect free.

Similarly, the product can be applied to other surfaces such as glass, PVC, stainless steel and granite surfaces amongst others. The tape can be cut to a width that suits the customer's application.

Many factors (such as temperature, humidity, surface contaminates, application pressure, etc.) affect the adhesion of tapes to surfaces and we appeal to customers to test this product for their particular application before large scale usage.

Colours: Yellow and White

Sizes: The standard length is 100m, with common widths being 48mm, 72mm and 96mm, although other options can be manufactured.

Packaging Tape

Engler Industries supplies AVAST™ tapes, a range of quality tapes with superior adhesive properties. The AVAST™ tapes product range consists of more than 40 different product categories with over 2 500 line items, including packaging tape, masking tape, filament tape, duct tape, protection film and tape, insulation tape, aluminium foil tape, stereo mounting tape, RDA and GDA tapes.

Pallet Wrap

Engler Industries stocks pallet wrap for use by hand for wrapping pallets, luggage or boxes before shipping. This high-quality pallet wrap is designed to secure and protect cargo during transportation. It is strong and boasts a high resistance to punctures and tears. Engler Industries offers a wide range of pallet wrap to ensure that the job at hand is wrapped up to your exact specifications.

Polystyrene Blocks

Engler Industries supplies Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Blocks for the protective packaging of automotive body panels. EPS has a number of applications, one of which is block moulded products. With block moulding, a big block of EPS is cut and shaped using a hot wire to create different products. These polystyrene blocks are lightweight and highly resistant to vibration. They are also economical and environmentally friendly.

If you are unsure of what type of packaging solution you require for your project, then please contact us and we will endeavour to help wherever possible.