Engler Oilless Partners

Engler Oilless has partnered with a number of international companies to provide our clients with world-class solutions and premium-quality products.

Engler Oilless partners include:

Sankyo Oilless Industry Inc.

Sankyo Oilless has over 50 years’ experience in developing solutions for the automotive industry. We are pleased to be a supplier of their products and have also been recognised as their South African technical advice and support centre.

Quality remains Sankyo Oilless’ first priority and, in 1995, Sankyo UK achieved registration to ISO 9002. During 2001 their quality system was successfully upgraded to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000.

Engler Oilless holds large component stocks, enabling us to offer next-day delivery on guide pillars, bushes, wear plates, roller track and scrap chute material. Sankyo components require no lubrication and therefore maintenance work is reduced to a minimum throughout the working life of the product.

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Misumi is a leading supplier of configurable and fixed components for the factory automation, press die and plastic mould industries. They serve thousands of customers worldwide with products that are used in a diverse range of industries, including the automotive, electric, semiconductor, medical and packaging industries.

Engler Oilless are proud to represent Misumi in South Africa and support their core mission of highest quality, lowest cost and shortest delivery time.

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Tecapres manufacture a range of nitrogen gas springs for die-sets and stamping, all of which offer the highest standards in terms of quality, reliability and service. Tecapres recognizes Engler Oilless as its South African representative and distributor of their complete range of gas springs.

Customers can rest assured that Tecapres products are complemented with qualified and expert advice, with the objective of solving customer problems and increasing customer satisfaction.

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OMCR specialises in the production of standard die components for the automotive industry and has fulfilled thousands of orders in 40 countries across the globe. They are committed to ensuring product quality and reliability, and their range of products ensures that a variety of customer needs are met.

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Springer GmbH

Springer GmbH specialises in the development, design and production of components for press shop and body shell automation as well as for the plastics processing industry. They are focused on innovativeness, flexibility and high product quality, helping to successfully fulfil each client’s automation requirements.

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